Secondary Operations

ISPG offers a wide range of Other Treatments including Finish Treatments such as:

  • A chemical polish to brighten and smooth the cannula surface
  • An electro-chemical etching to sharpen cannulae and remove burrs
  • Passivation to ensure that cannulae remain free of corrosion
  • A mirror finish can be specified as an I.D. finish for optimal smoothness
  • Vary hardness to suit your application

Echogenic Tip

is an operation that will allow the cannula to appear with greater contrast under ultrasonic imaging. There are different methods and application types of echogenic tips. Please contact ISPG for more information.
Echogenic Tip


Mechanical Echogenic Tips

are manufactured to create a surface area change in a variety of formats by grinding, lathe or pressing.
Mechanical Echogenic Tip


Laser Echogenic Tips

are created with a laser in a variety of application styles including etching, depressions, bands or calibrated markings to improve visibility under ultrasound.
Laser Mark Echogenic Tip

Etch Marks

is a process that can mark the surface of cannula or laboratory glassThe etch mark location and visual appearance can be specified. 
Etch Marks

Depth Marks

can be added to cannula to show the depth of insertion. The depth mark location and number of marks can be specified.
Depth Marks

Notched Stylets

can be cut in such a way as to facilitate insertion through a curved area or to create a cutting surface.
Notched Stylett


Bent Shaft

is tubing which is bent to customer specific requirements. The bend angle is specified. Hardness of the tube can also be specified.
Ground Notch


tubing or cannulae can be coiled for both medical and non-medical applications. Coils are sometimes used to chill liquids. The amount of coil can be specified.
Ground Notch

Bumps or Indents

tubing can be squeezed in the midsection indenting the surface to create a bump or indent. Additional material can also be welded on the shaft to create a raised surface.
Ground Notch


PTFE Coating

is used to improve penetration and chemical resistance. Coating is available in black, white, or green.
PTFE Coating


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