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Hypodermic Tubing

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Let ISPG supply your hypodermic tubing requirements with the highest quality stainless steel tube. Used primarily for medical application, small diameter tubing can also be used in a variety of industrial applications.

Standard tubing gauge sizes are available from 5mm to 37 regular wall. A chart of ISPG's standard tubing sizes is available below:

Tubing Chart

Hypodermic Tubing
Hypodermic tubing

Advantages of ISPG's Hypodermic Stainless Steel Tubing:

Tubing is made from stainless steel strip, welded and drawn to size using diamond dies and ceramic plugs. Careful attention to consistency and use of modern tubing production methods results in high quality, uniform product.

Customize your tubing:

Hypodermic Tubing
Cut-away model of plug-drawn hypodermic tubing process

Minimum orders for stainless steel tubing typically run approximately 3,000 meters (10,000 feet). Special gauge sizes and custom parameters have lower minimums.

We would be pleased to quote any of your specialty tubing and/or cutoff applications.

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