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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is your minimum order?

Our minimum orders for stainless steel cannula are approximately 10,000 pieces. Minimum orders for needles are approximately 1,000 pieces. Smaller minimums of 100 - 500 are possible for specialty operations. Minimums for custom glass depend on the item.

Are all of ISPG's products custom made?

ISPG supplies custom cannula and glassware to original equipment manufactures' specifications, but we also supply off-the-shelf glass syringes, syringe components and specialty needles.

Can ISPG produce prototypes?

No. However, instead of purchasing high-cost prototypes, ISPG can supply a minimum lot quantity, often at a lower price than prototypes. All qualification lots are produced on production equipment.

Do you offer sterile product?

All of ISPG's medical device and medical device component products are offered as bulk clean and ready for sterilization. ISPG does not provide any sterile product.

Do you sell to hospitals, other institutions and/or individuals?

No. We only sell to medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, laboratory supply companies, industrial companies and consumer products companies.

Are ISPG's stock items 510K cleared?

We are fully FDA compliant and can help ensure you have the necessary paperwork to use ISPG product. ISPG has the requisite 510(k)'s for stock kit components.

What are your standard credit terms?

Our credit terms are Net 30 days with prior credit approval.

I am planning a new device that incorporates a needle or syringe or custom glassware. How can ISPG help me in the design phase?

ISPG's sales and engineering team can help you reduce long term cost in the design of your syringe or needle component. We put our expertise and experience to work for you with engineering for manufacturability to deliver lower cost and better performing components for your device.

How long has ISPG been in business?

ISPG has been in business since 1987.

Where does ISPG do business?

Our customers operate all over the world. We also do business in multiple currencies. ISPG will work with you to ship product to wherever you need them in the most economical manner.

What does ISPG stand for?

ISPG originally was International Steel, Plastic and Glass, Inc.

Product Questions

Does ISPG allow returns on custom products?

Yes. If the product does not meet the customer’s written PO specifications, we will, of course, work jointly with the customer to resolve any problems. We stand behind our work.

What is your minimum order for tubing?

ISPG's minimum order for tubing is 10,000 feet (3,000 meters). Tubing can be delivered in 2 meter lengths with chopped ends, or cut to your specific length requirement. Slightly smaller minimums may be possible for tubing with specialty parameters.

Can the surface finish of stainless steel tubing be brightened?

Yes. The surface of cannula can be chemically polished or electro-polished for a brighter finish.

How smooth can you make the ID of the tubing?

We supply plug drawn tubing for a very smooth ID. Mirror finish ID tubing is also available., depending on gauge .

How should I specify surface finish on cannula?

Ra (roughness average) is the best way to specify cannula surface roughness.

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