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Ground Wire

Ground Wire
Points can be added to wire matching the bevel of a cannulae or with a wide range of point geometries to suit your application. Tensile strength and hardness can be adjusted per your specifications

Ground Wire

Wire can be notched
to create a cutting edge, to ease a match inside a bent tube or to otherwise suit your application.

Swagged Wire

Swagged or swedged wire
O.D.’s can be reduced in one or more places per your dimensions.

D-shaped Wire

Specialty Wire
“D” shaped wire or other specialty shaped wires are available.
Why limit your specifications to only round wire?  Specialty shapes are also available.


Smallest Diameter Tubing & Cannula

Recent technical advances in the grinding technique have enabled us to offer burr-free small diameter cannulae. Uses include: cosmetic applications, such as Botox or hyaluronic acid injection; or specialized vaccine delivery.

We can now offer this cannulae down to 34 gauge with an outside diameter of 0.18mm +/- 0.01mm and an inside diameter of 0.10mm +/- 0.01mm.

  • Cannula with both primary and secondary grinds to form a lancet are also available
  • Double point cannulae in these fine gauges is offered
  • A grit blast on the outside diameter of the butt end to achieve roughness is available to enhance adherence to a hub or other attachment
  • Cutoffs, blunts and tubing are available to 37 gauge
Small Diameter Tubing

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