Secondary Operations

Ground Notch

is a notched hole or vent which is ground through the wall of a cannula. It is used to direct the flow. It is specified by the notch depth, notch position, notch radius and notch width.
Ground Notch

EDM Holes

"Electrical Discharge Machining" holes are created by burning a specific geometric shape into the cannulae. The number, location and style of any hole can be specified to suit your particular application.
EDM Holes

Punched Holes

have a portion of the cannula wall removed to create an opening or vent, usually designed to have flow on both sides of the needle and reduce the potential for vessel damage. Also called Back Eyes, Punched Holes are used in AV Fistula needles.
EDM, Punched or Drilled Holes

Drilled/Ground Holes

are used in closed tip cannula as well as in other applications where an orifice is desired. The hole dimensions are specified by position and size. Holes can be designed with a cutting edge to be used, for example, to cut tissue, or with a smooth transition to prevent catching or coring. Design criteria include: radius, depth, width and length, all of which can be specified to suit your particular application.
Drilled Ground Holes

Angled Notches

are customized cuts to create cutting surface areas or smooth transitions. These can be designed to cut tissue or prevent catching.
Angled Notch

Laser Slots

are specially shaped holes with tight tolerances which are created with a laser. A multitude of hole shapes and sizes are available.
Laser Slot

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