Custom Metal Hub NeedleISPG is constantly expanding products and services to meet our customer’s needs. We're pleased to announce that we now offer double lumen cannulae used for In vitro fertilization (IVF) devices. Double lumen cannulae can be supplied with various features including "rolled” echogenic tip (shown in picture) for enhanced visibility under ultrasound. Send us your geometry, or work with one of our technical specialists to create a tubular product in the dimensions that will work best for your application.


Double Lumen

Custom non-medical metal hubbed needles and small gauge diameter tube are also new additions. Medical metal hubbed needles can be provided if the customer has a 510k and specification. Please see the ‘Specialty Needles’ and ‘Small Diameter Tubing’ pages for more detail.


Bookmark this page and visit often as it will be updated to showcase our new products.

We have also added many new terms to our 'Glossary' page, updated both our 'Blog', and popular tubing charts on our 'Resources' page, and added two new pages: 'Industrial Applications' and this, (our 'What's New') page. Please check back regularly for news and announcements.

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