Specialty Glassware

ISPG is the North American Representative for Normax specialty laboratory glassware.


Based in Portugal, Normax is an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485: 2003 certified manufacturer of laboratory glassware and apparatus serving the laboratory, research, medical, pharmaceutical, industrial and educational markets with specialty glass products. Normax also operates a calibration lab accredited to ISO 17025.


Specialty-Glassware1Click here to visit Normax's online site and catalog and then email to request a quotation.

ISPG/Normax offer specialty glass in Type 1 borosilicate, clear and amber, or Soda Lime glass manufactured to your specification. Volumetric articles are a specialty.


Borosilicate glass is well suited for medical and laboratory applications due to its low coefficient of expansion and high resistance to chemical abrasion and thermal shock.


Type 1 Borosilicate glass is often used for specialty glass pharmaceutical packaging applications such as vials. If you have a custom glass pharmaceutical packaging product you are looking to develop or have quoted, ISPG/Normax can help.


ISPG/Normax can manufacture specialty glass for the laboratory chemistry, life science, chromatography, lyophylization, microscopy, pharmaceuticals, and educational markets.

Specialty-Glassware2We can produce custom glass with tight tolerances and custom printing to work with your automated sample handling, storage and form fill applications.

ISPG/Normax can produce custom glass items to both ASTM and ISO standards.


Surface treatments as well as custom expansions and glass formulations are available.


Specialty glass can be delivered certified as being bulk clean and ready for sterilization.


We can quote any of your existing specialty glass components. If you would like us to quote your item please send a drawing and information on your order volumes.


Specialty-Glassware3Often specialty glass components are specified too late in the product development timeline resulting in requirements for components that aren't a standard size, or have too tight a tolerance, resulting increased costs. ISPG will work with you to help reduce the cost and improve the manufacturability of your specialty glass components.


ISPG/Normax can quote your existing specification or work with you to develop a new product.


We can also offer standard off the shelf glass products produced to ISO Standards including: flasks, dropping pipettes, cylinders, volumetric flasks, volumetric pipettes, burettes, microscope cover glasses, microscope slides, staining jars, beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, funnels, Pasteur pipettes, Petri dishes, watch glasses, special tubing, evaporating dishes, reagent bottles, crystallizing dishes, mortars, desiccators, culture flasks. Please contact us for a catalog with a complete list of standard items.

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