Laser Echogenic Tip We supply bulk-clean medical device components to finished device manufacturers, kit packers or other pharmaceutical and/or industrial companies.

Stainless steel: From small diameter tubing with specialty characteristics, to cutoffs, to cannulae and finished needles, ISPG can meet your specialty hypodermic needle needs. We specialize in tight tolerances, clean and consistent product, and exemplary customer service.

Procedure Tray NeedlesPlease visit the following pages to explore our stainless steel products:


Secondary Operations


Procedure Needles

Specialty Needles

Specialty Wire

Glass: ISPG offers 2-piece glass syringes for specialty operations such as the LOR method for locating the epidural space or for laboratory use when plastic is not biocompatible or appropriate.

5cc Glass Luer SlipWe also have a line of specialty glassware including volumetric articles in borosilicate glass. Please visit the following pages to learn more:


Glass Syringes
Specialty Glassware

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